Saunas Area

Finnish Sauna
The peculiarity of the Finnish sauna is due to the elevated temperature (80-100°C) and the relative low humidity (10-20%), which is produced by throwing water on hot stones, this produces steam, which increases the moisture and heat within the sauna. Thanks to this procedure, accompanied by soft lighting and use of natural essences with balsamic effects, the Finnish sauna creates chrome-olfactory sensations. There is also a Finnish sauna at the exterior of the hotel, with fire place.

The bio sauna is quite popular, because of the less extreme conditions. It helps to strengthen the circulatory system, normalizes the blood pressure, stimulates the circulation, purifies the skin and the respiratory tract, moreover it loosens up muscle contractions and calms pain in limbs and joints. The temperature varies between 40° and 60°C, while the humidity is about 40-50%.

Infrared Sauna
A sauna of new generation, it uses infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat, which is absorbed directly into the human body up to 4 centimetres under the skin. With the infrared sauna the blood circulation increases and you sweat off up to15-20% of toxins, cholesterol, sodium and ammonia.

Turkish Bath
A typical spa tradition of Arabic culture, which associates health and social relations during the bath. It is hold in a room full of steam (humidity at 100%) with stratified temperatures going upwards, in these conditions and held for sufficient time, favours perspiration and sweats off harmful substances.

The benevolent effect of cold water on the lymphatic circulation system was already known by the Roman, who at that time coined the word with this term. In the frigidarium you can find an immediate sensation of vitality and freshness for body and mind.sw


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