Fai della Paganella

Fai della Paganella. A beautiful place, surrounded by the scenery and high peaks of the Dolomites of Brenta, situated on a plateau of 1000 meters altitude and protected from Mount Paganella with its 2125 m. above sea level and from mount Fausior with its 1550m height.

The balmy air of resinous trees such as fir, pine and larch, invites to make a nice walk on the paths in the forests. Starting from the centre of the town, you can easily reach one of the numerous roads, along the meadows, between the flowers and the trees, finding the beauty of the nature and who knows, to conquer one of the tops with their breathtaking views. In winter, when the landscape turns white under a cloak of snow, you can put on your skis, snowshoes or simply go by foot and find that fabulous quietness and inmost recess, which only a snowy world is able to create.

The inhabitants of Fai (Faioti), know since centuries how to be hospitable and how to involve their guests in their folklore activities. Traditional parties and entertainment are hold in summer and winter, involving guests in suitable buildings and places.


Meadows remained meadows and forests remained forests. The progress and the tourist attractions were established in full harmony with the territory and its inhabitants. The tourist can stay in an authentic atmosphere.

Fai della Paganella is the radiance of its mountains and the warmth of its inhabitants, if you wish to come and visit us, you will not regret it.


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